Mother Teresa School

November 27th 2015

Re : Hope Club

Dear parents,

Your child decided to join our Hope Club at school. The Hope Club offers an opportunity to willing Grades 7 and 8 students to plan volunteer based community projects inside the school.

We meet for 45 minutes on Mondays at 11:45am every week in my class and discuss current societal issues and ways we can affect change through project planning, production and leadership. Our first meeting was in the first week of November.

Please visit the Hope Club web page at

The Hope Club Guidelines are accessible at this address:

Students are invited to plan service projects throughout the year, in coordination with other classes and the school administration.

I am the teacher supervisor for the Hope Club and am supporting a couple grade 8 students in learning how to lead our club and our upcoming sub-committees (see :

Throughout the year, we will invite some presenters to help us learn how better plan our projects, tap into local resource people’s strengths, talents and gifts and share our actions with the community. Some workshop ideas and early plans can be accessed at

All projects are the students’ initiatives and communication is key to all our projects. Each project follows a series of guidelines used by the GSCS Grade 8 leadership yearly conference, which were adapted from the Free The Children organization. Also, the Hope Club only subscribes to GSCS approved charities. A list of these charities is available in the Hope Club Guidelines document found here:

For any questions or concerns regarding the Hope Club, and/or if you want to share a community interest, you can contact me, Monsieur Rock, at the following coordinates:

Sébastien (Seb) Rock

Teacher / Enseignant

École Mother Teresa School


Kindest regards