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Jour 7

Posted by seb rock on Thursday, August 21, 2014,
Hello, hello, hello

Another productive day around the house, more Pyper brushing...

Here are some pictures of the day :

Here are your coming back home presents, all wrapped up!

Here is the glamorous garage door, without the half broken yellowed-white plastic fringe, YES, it's finally gone!

I feel bad about our baseboards, not having them back up. Here is a little consolation, 3 matching baseboards around the doorframe of the small mainfloor bathroom... yay

And here is me, with my new Step 10 glasse...
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Jour 6

Posted by seb rock on Thursday, August 21, 2014,
Bonsoir mes amours,

Good day overall today. The birdies have a clean cage, Pyper got a good brush on her face - she loves it - I got myself some work shoes (thank you to the student who gave me a $50 gift card!) I got you guys a second little surprise.

I texted with mom for over an hour this morning, no fights :-)

I got another lightbulb for the ceiling lamp in the kitchen to no avail - this one is for the electrician. I cleaned in the garage - it looks slightly more organized.

You thought you fo...
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Jour 5

Posted by seb rock on Wednesday, August 20, 2014,
After years of waiting, after hours of sweaty labour (true, true, it took me for ever and it was so hot today) I give give you....

The stair nosing :-)

Real name and all

Because I hadn't had enough, I tried to fix the weird door latches (sunroom and front door). Learned a lot and... fixed the front and made some progress on the sunroom door :-)

Animals are all good, well fed and all accounted for.

I'll go watch a cheap movie at the rainbow tonight.

Tired papa signing off.

Yes, yes I'll work on the g...
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Jour 4

Posted by seb rock on Tuesday, August 19, 2014,
Hi guys,

I am going to my Coda meeting now and won't write on the way back so here's my report.

I put up some shelves in Liam's and my bedroom today. It's fun to help organize our house! Now I'll have to start picking stuff up!

Pictures of the shelves will be up tomorrow.

Talking about pictures... I am starting to use Flicker. It makes uploading pictures really easy. I am not often comfortable putting our pictures on Facebook, and email and blog is timely. I find Flicker fast and intuitive. I sug...
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Jour 3

Posted by seb rock on Sunday, August 17, 2014,
Thanks for sharing the zoo pictures! Ah those baboons!

Here is the result of my painting job today.

It looks good in real, I don't know about the pictures.

I am pooped but it feels good to have it done.

Ah yes, animals, for today, here are Pyper and Boomey - others to come tomorrow.


Think of me while you're relaxing in the mountains.

Tomorrow will be more relaxed for me.

Sabara is a cool name for a rhino :-)

Talk to you tomorrow!

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Jour 2

Posted by seb rock on Sunday, August 17, 2014,

Another good day at the Rock Zoo. The Cats showed up last night had their breakfast this morning and went out for the day. Pyper is out of bland canned food and is not too interested in her kibbles yet. Vanilla is sleeping now - cute. The birds are expecting their supper right now.

I finished painting the sunroom, yay!  - see picture attached.

I tried to edit the videos of wushu but Nico will have to see them when he comes back - techno glitch.

I also attached my first electronic song.

I ...
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Jour 1

Posted by seb rock on Sunday, August 17, 2014,
Hi there, bonsoir tout le monde, 

Today, at the Rock Zoo, Pyper got another nice walk around the hill and a gentle look at Vanilla Pea, who's presently sniffing about in the corner of her wonderful cage. Snitch and Oz got to eat on  my hand and the cats are making themselves wanted.

I filmed a video of Nico's Wushu school demonstration at the Asia-Pacific pavilion -hopefully I can upload it soon -it was really cool! I got all of you guys, including mom, a little souvenir from that pavilion. The...

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