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Posted by seb rock on Sunday, August 17, 2014
Hi there, bonsoir tout le monde, 

Today, at the Rock Zoo, Pyper got another nice walk around the hill and a gentle look at Vanilla Pea, who's presently sniffing about in the corner of her wonderful cage. Snitch and Oz got to eat on  my hand and the cats are making themselves wanted.

I filmed a video of Nico's Wushu school demonstration at the Asia-Pacific pavilion -hopefully I can upload it soon -it was really cool! I got all of you guys, including mom, a little souvenir from that pavilion. There were two young guys from Thailand doing a Diablo routine, they were impressive, and a girl from Saskatoon who was so good.

I am done painting the deep blue paint on the sunroom and got a haircut.

Don't miss your daily updates tomorrow night.

Love you all.

Papa (Seb) 

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