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Posted by seb rock on Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Hi guys,

I am going to my Coda meeting now and won't write on the way back so here's my report.

I put up some shelves in Liam's and my bedroom today. It's fun to help organize our house! Now I'll have to start picking stuff up!

Pictures of the shelves will be up tomorrow.

Talking about pictures... I am starting to use Flicker. It makes uploading pictures really easy. I am not often comfortable putting our pictures on Facebook, and email and blog is timely. I find Flicker fast and intuitive. I suggest we all contribute our pictures (taken with our handy hand held devices) to a family webpage; this way, we don't have to send them back and forth- just post them. Only the ones we want to share between ourselves of course. Anyway, I sent you guys a link to sign up to Flicker. Please sign in the la famille rock group and see a fantastic picture of Chester's teeth and more!

All animals are good. Pyper is back to her regular food and she got a good brush today. The birds really enjoyed the company when I worked upstairs and Vanillapea was so cute last night climbing up to eat - such a cutie.

Tomorrow is pick up day. I feel bad because they haven't picked up our recycling yet again today - it's been a month!!!

I could use a scenic view now but I feel really good about my jobs so far.

I don't want to go clean the garage but I will start tomorrow.

I am just about to buy a dishwasher.

Enjoy your 5 more Albertan sleeps. Love you all.

-Seb (papa, aka the producer named space bear)

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