Jour 6

Posted by seb rock on Thursday, August 21, 2014
Bonsoir mes amours,

Good day overall today. The birdies have a clean cage, Pyper got a good brush on her face - she loves it - I got myself some work shoes (thank you to the student who gave me a $50 gift card!) I got you guys a second little surprise.

I texted with mom for over an hour this morning, no fights :-)

I got another lightbulb for the ceiling lamp in the kitchen to no avail - this one is for the electrician. I cleaned in the garage - it looks slightly more organized.

You thought you found slenderman?

I give you slendercat!!!

Doesn't he looks slender?

And yes, I fond this awesome instore recycling box at RONA, where I can drop CFL lightbulbs AND old batteries! After touring the city to find a place where I could recycle bulbs and batteries, I even went to CUC to no avail, I found a spot where I can recycle both! Awesome!

I found an online class for Minecraft, to learn to code for Minecraft (you build codes that can then be imported into Minecraft), it's definitely a cool thing. I sent the links to Nico's email if he's interested.

I want to register to a Kendo class on Wednesday evenings at the YMCA - is yoga on Wednesday Tamara or is it another day? They also have Kendo on Sunday afternoons. I need physical activity - it felt so good doing manual work this week. I always loved Kendo. I wanted to register some years ago and never did. And I don't need special glasses for that!

Registration is open for soccer. I saw Bryce and he won't coach because Gavin will do basketball instead. Does Liam want to do it anyway? I won't coach given all our activities (wushu, bball, yoga)

Enjoy nature to the max! And don't forget to thank Mom for your Wonderful trip - it sounds fun filled - I wished I would have had a dynamic mom like yours! Thanks Tamara.

Hug everybody.

-Papa (Seb)

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